Mother-of-two Brittany Hall Perez (39) died within 24 hours of receiving covid “vaccine”


Brittany Hall Perez was pronounced dead the same day she received her covid “vaccine”. She leaves behind her husband and two children. Reference

Doctor Witold Rogiewicz died from heart failure two weeks after receiving second dose of Pfizer “vaccine”


Polish Doctor Witold Rogiewicz received his second Pfizer “vaccine” on the 26th of January and died on the 15th of February from heart failure. Reference,11,,504496,Witold-Rogiewicz-kondolencje.html

Engineer Jack Last (27) died three weeks after receiving AstraZeneca “vaccine”


Jack received AstraZeneca on the 30th of March and died on the 20th of April, after checking himself into hospital with excruciating headaches. Reference