• Get the “vaccine”
  • Get tested for covid
  • Wear a mask
  • Check in at businesses
  • Comply with “Covid Safe” mandates
  • Believe anything the government says


COVID-19 (C19) is a disease caused by the apparently novel SARS-2 coronavirus, reported to have originated in Wuhan, China, in December of 2019.

Coronavirus is a clade of viruses that are typically responsible for about 15% of common colds.

SARS-2 (C19) has a global infection/case fatality rate of about 2%, but in most Western countries, the fatality rate is about half a percent for anyone under the age of 70. For comparison, SARS-1 (2002-2004) and MERS (2012, 2015, 2018) coronaviruses both had higher fatality rates at 9% and 37%, respectively. Between 95-99% of all covid deaths occur in people who have comorbidities; almost 80% of covid hospitalisations occur in obese patients.

Reporting on influenza stopped around mid-2020 with C19 taking its place as the focus of seasonal epidemics.

Australia had 900 deaths attributed to C19 for the year 2020, which was on-par with reported influenza deaths in previous years (e.g., there were 1,255 deaths attributed solely to influenza in 2017); in contrast, only about 40 deaths were attributed to influenza for 2020. Annual deaths from pneumonia (often caused by influenza) can be in the several thousands, and deaths caused by respiratory diseases can exceed 12,000 per year.

Health officials in Australia recently confessed that most of Australia’s C19 deaths were patients who had died ‘with’ the virus, not ‘from’ the virus, admitting that in some cases the patients had recovered from the disease and died of something else.

Many other admissions of this kind of data fudging of both cases and deaths has been reported all around the World, with some doctors admitting to being ‘coached’ on filling out death certificates.


There is nothing about the current coronavirus that justifies any of the measures implemented by the government.

The whole notion that some deadly super-virus is going to come out of nowhere, decimate the population, and then proceed to out-mutate every vaccine is just hollywood fiction. A highly lethal virus would be short lived because it would kill its host faster than it could be spread; evolution tends to select for low lethality as less lethal viruses have a greater chance of spreading and will thus become more common within the population — and this is what we see with all these ongoing “epidemics” like influenza, common coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and respiratory syncytial viruses, etc — they tend to balance out over time. A symptomatic host spreads virus; a dead host does not.


The fucked up immune systems of the millennial and present generations — allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, etc — has been largely attributed to hyper-cleanliness and lack of environmental exposure according to past wisdom (apparently half of millennials suffer from chronic illnesses).

If anything, all the germophobia, blanket sanitisation and social distancing would select for more contagious and perhaps more deadly strains. So, quarantining and social distancing would either effectively eliminate the virus by creating dead zones in the population (unlikely) or it would evolve to become more contagious.

The problem with coronaviruses is that they have environmental and animal reservoirs. The government tests sewage for the presence of the virus and there are variants that exist in dogs, cats and other mammals (remember, it was initially suspected that the C19 virus originated in bats); it has been announced that some zoos will be vaccinating their animals for C19, and back in December Danish authorities ordered the extermination of 17 million mink because they were suspected of harbouring the virus.

If you look at the pattern of infection in Australia (which has only recently rolled out vaccinations en-masse), C19 has followed a seasonal pattern similar to influenza of prior years. Where do all these respiratory viruses go? Into environmental hibernation. So, you can lock everyone down, hope case numbers drop to zero, and then watch as the virus slips back into human circulation when the cold weather suppresses people’s immune systems.


Further, over the past decade or so there have been explicit warnings by health experts against the blanket application of antibiotics due to the risk of selecting for antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. And yet, when it comes to viruses this same concern does not come to mind in the universal application of vaccines? The medical establishment has convinced people that vaccines are a magic bullet and has never once indicated that problems could arise via their blanket application; and yet if you look into it you will find several examples of vaccine-induced disease enhancement.

A classic example of this is Marek’s disease, which is a disease that affects chickens. Back in the 1970s when the vaccine for this disease was introduced, the mortality rate was only about 1% in the unvaccinated; however, the vaccine was considered to be a “leaky” vaccine, which meant that it only worked to suppress symptoms and didn’t sterilise the virus or stop it spreading between infected chickens (kind of like the current C19 vaccines, right?). The universal application of the Marek’s vaccine means that now the mortality rate in unvaccinated chickens is 100% — all commercial chickens must be vaccinated against it — a hyper-deadly strain has evolved as a result, and it thrives in the vaccinated chickens in preference over the less-virulent strains.

Last year (2020) there was a polio outbreak in Sudan (Africa) after the WHO and the UN had declared it eradicated. The outbreak was linked to the mass application of the oral live polio vaccine, which was thought to have led to a mutation in the virus. The vaccine essentially infected people with the disease and caused paralysis in those who took it, and they were subsequently forced to halt vaccinations. Polio is a disease that health experts thought they could eradicate 20 years ago.


These aren’t the only two examples of vaccination programs gone wrong, but I won’t belabour the point. In our current situation, we are seeing a strange response from the virus. A mutant strain has taken over and there has been a surge in cases, despite high vaccination rates. New South Wales (Australia) has currently exceeded 1,000 cases per day, despite being in a strict 10-week lockdown that started with about a dozen cases. In Barnstable County (MA), there was an outbreak of 469 cases with 74% of them being fully vaccinated, and this happened in the middle of summer.

Why would this be? Well, you have two factors at play: 1. Widespread quarantine, lockdowns and social distancing measures (which are already suppressing the immune system), and 2. Mass vaccination programs. These are two factors that are imposing selection pressure on the virus, with regard to contagiousness and virulence. On one hand, vaccinated people can still receive and transmit the virus, which they apparently do so asymptomatically (i.e., leaky vaccine); on the other hand, social distancing measures means only the most contagious strains will be able to spread through the population. The so-called “delta variant” is categorised as being more contagious than prior strains, and its virulence has been hyped up too — it appears to have become the dominant strain for 2021.


The covid vaccines being pushed technically aren’t vaccines. Merriam-Webster changed their definition in 2020 to allow the use of the word for what are novel experimental mRNA injections for humans. This change in definition made them more palatable to the general public, who were tricked into assuming they were simply getting another run-of-the-mill vaccine for merely a new respiratory virus.

However, a traditional vaccine uses a dead or attenuated sample of the target virus in order to train the immune response against a natural infection with the live virus; it is typically designed to sterilise the virus and prevent infection, symptoms and transmission. Such vaccines often offer immunity for life.

The CDC changed the definition of “vaccination” from “produce immunity to a specific disease” to “produce protection from a specific disease” — so vaccines no longer produce immunity to diseases?

Another definition that was changed was “herd immunity” which used to also specify immunity via natural infection increasing in the population as a means of preventing disease outbreaks; now herd immunity only applies to immunity derived from vaccination, therefore, you can no longer achieve herd immunity without mass vaccination.

Lastly, the term “anti-vaxxer” can now be used to describe someone who is not only opposed to vaccines, but who is also opposed to vaccine mandates.

The covid “vaccines” do not appear to offer viral sterilisation, prevent infection or transmission, they only claim to reduce severity of symptoms with less and less efficacy as the months go by. Additionally, the covid “vaccine” does not use the SARS-2 virus as its means; rather, it inserts a computer-generated genetic sequence (mRNA) into your cells via a lipid nanoparticle or adenovirus, which then uses your cells’ translation enzymes to produce a spike protein that supposedly models the spike protein of the SARS-2 coronavirus. Every dose of vaccine has the potential to produce trillions of these spike proteins in your body over a period of several weeks.

The problem with the covid “vaccine” is that the spike protein is the toxin — it is the disease-causing element of the virus — and when your cells make this protein, it becomes embedded in the cellular membrane causing those cells to be attacked by the immune system, rather than attacking the virus as it would in a natural infection.

This is why you are seeing such a wide variety of side-effects, because it can affect any tissue in the body. Blood clots are caused when the spike protein is expressed in blood cells, giving them a rough appearance that the clotting mechanism recognises as damaged cells. The spike protein may also change the surface polarity of the membrane and cause blood cells to stack together. When this damage occurs in heart, lung and nerve tissues, the damage is often permanent as those cell tissues are unable to recover or regenerate.

It is also important to note that these covid vaccines are technically still in clinical trials until late 2022 to mid-2023 (depending on maker), so there are obviously no long-term safety data on these injections — we are the guinea pigs (but don’t worry, the CEO of Pfizer went to veterinary school). They have been given emergency-use authorisation based on the premises of (1) them being vaccines, and (2) there being no available treatment option — neither of these premises are true. Further, covid vaccine manufacturers have been given legal immunity from liability of damages that may occur as side effects from the injections.


I think it is safe to say that these so-called “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective. The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia has admitted that they don’t know whether the vaccines are safe or effective; the Australian Government also refers to the vaccine as a poison.

Pfizer is already getting approval for a third booster shot, and health officials are now declaring that annual, and even 6-monthly booster shots will be required for the years to come. Austria and Croatia have put a nine-month expiration date on “vaccinated” status. Australia has agreements with several makers for orders exceeding 280 million doses — that’s more than 10 doses per citizen. The ongoing treatment of covid is now being likened to that of the flu, where booster vaccines are put out every year in prediction of the most common strain.

UPDATE 25/9/21

The 280 million doses claim was recently removed from the Australian Government Health website referred to above, so I have pasted the Google search results entry to show that this was indexed. But as you can see, if you read through the breakdown, the Australian Government has ordered/contracted more than 225 million doses with the intention of purchasing 50 million doses of Novovax when it becomes available.

The difference now is that there has been a long-running fear campaign to get the majority of the population to willingly accept the injections, coupled with the legal infrastructure to enforce compliance of this mandate.

On the safety side, the US CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems (VAERS) has logged more than 14,000 deaths associated with the covid vaccine and the EU’s EudraVigillance has logged more than 16,000 deaths. Combined, they have reported more than one million severe adverse events, which include ICU admissions, paralysis, anaphylactic shock, neurological disorders, seizures, horrific skin lesions, blood clots and cardiac failures.

Reporting bodies around the World have also recorded high incidence of deaths and adverse events associated with the vaccine. According to the CDC’s VAERS, the covid vaccine accounts for 42% of all vaccine adverse events and more than 63% of all vaccine deaths, i.e., a “vaccine” that has been around for about 12 months has produced more deaths and side effects than all the vaccines that have been around for decades combined, and fives times as much as the next-highest reported vaccine.