The following links are PDFs that contain hundreds of real accounts of people who have either died from the covid “vaccine” or have suffered horrific side-effects. These files are quite large (over 200MB each) and may take some time to load:

Dr. David Martin has prepared two documents; one on the patents related to COVID-19, and the other is a dossier on Dr. Anthony Fauci and COVID-19: is available as a downloadable PDF:


In addition to this website, I recommend you also visit the following:


Australian Free Independent Press Network (AFIPN)

Rebel News

Avi Yemeni from Rebel News is the best reporter on the ground in Melbourne; he and his crew produce great content and he’s charming and well-liked by Aussies.



4Chan (NSFW)

Not safe for work (NSFW) — extreme and graphic content — enter at your own risk!

4Chan is a strange place. It allows you to post anonymously without the need to create an account. There’s almost no censorship or moderation on the site, so the whole user experience is lot more raw and less mollycoddled than reddit or other forums, but this allows for a more neutral information field since no one can control the narrative of the board. The Politically Correct (/pol) board receives over a thousand new threads daily, which get deleted after a few days; use the 4Plebs archive to look for deleted threads.


Since YouTube engages in massive scale political censorship, you can’t rely on it as the sole source of video content; non-kosher videos and channels are prone to deletion, so you need to look to alternatives. The same goes for the other mainstream social media platforms, such as Facebook — you need to backup everything and look for alternative mediums to all these platforms. The internet is very ephemeral and no data are safe.

You can easily download any video from YouTube before it gets deleted at You can also use the Mozilla Firefox browser extension Video DownloadHelper, which also allows downloading of videos from other sites too. Instagram videos can be downloaded at Twitter videos can be downloaded at For a general downloading app, use JDownloader (a bit more technical).

Video Sites

If you can’t find the video you are looking for on YouTube, chances are it has been uploaded to one of these alternative video sites: