VIC Premier: There’s going to be a vaccinated economy


Both Labour and Liberal party leaders are now threatening to lock non-covid-vaccinated people out of society for not being willing to take experimental non-vaccinating injections.

Dan Andrews here repeating the mantra “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as if to liken such people to plague rats.

If you have not had your covid “vaccine” you are no longer considered a human being in the eyes of the government.

Who are you gonna vote for now? Third parties are NEVER elected. You have only two choices: Labour or Liberal, and in case you haven’t figured it out by now, BOTH parties always toe the line. You are nothing but a passenger on a train running on a single track; it doesn’t matter if you decide to ride in the Liberal car, because they’re serving tea, or in the Labour car, because they’re serving coffee — we are all going to the same destination — straight to hell.

You never have a choice, you never had a choice; there’s your democracy, there’s your freedom. Who are you gonna vote for now?