“Vaccine hesitant” is the new patronising soft label to describe people who are justifiably concerned about being corporate guinea pigs


Mainstream media outlets all like to synchronously follow the same propagandistic themes, revealing their insincerity, exposing their agenda, and betraying their disdain for their audience.

Over this “pandemic” we have seen a lot of recurring themes, from “Two weeks to stop the spread” to “We’re all in this together,” and even “Six feet apart or six feet under!” (okay, I might’ve made that last one up) and many others.

As the vaccine rollout got underway and the second wave kicked in, the mainstream media started doing damage control upon the news of horrific side-effects occurring in people who took the “safe and effective” (another mindlessly repeated mantra) “vaccines”.

But you can’t go around calling everyone concerned by this news “anti-vaxxers” now, can you? After all, most people have received a full schedule of vaccines in their life and have likely put their own children through this schedule too.

So, you need to take a more subtle approach when dealing with these “fools” who dare question the obviously safe and effective experimental injections.

Enter … Hesitant.

No, you’re not a crazy, tinfoil-hat-wearing anti-vaxxer; you’re just a regular, reasonably-minded person with some concerns and questions.

Not to worry! The ever-caring corporate media has got you covered. With a bit of soft-categorisation, the indisputable factoids, and some social pressure — I mean, support — you’ll be on your way to hypernormalisation — I mean, immunisation — in no time.

So then! Here’s what I want you to do to cure your hesitancy once and for all! Sound good?

First, you need to look at this little pamphlet published by the WHO on vaccine hesitancy:

I made the button a calming medical green colour to reassure you.

The WHO brochure is going to provide you with a graph that shows the correlation between organic food sales and autism, and also a picture of a lady who won the lottery after receiving a vaccine.

The point of this is to say that “correlation does not equal causation” and that just because a good or bad thing happens when/after another thing happens, it doesn’t mean that other thing caused the good or bad thing to happen.

So, when people start dropping dead after being injected with a known toxin, we need to be sure that it’s not organic food sales causing it before we start blaming the injection.

The brochure also has a nice venn diagram for you to put your dumb ass in: complacency, confidence, convenience — that’s you, right?

There’s also a picture of a man idling in a rocking chair in the middle of train tracks with a newspaper over his face. The obvious next move for this stupid man is to get up and get “vaccinated” before he gets hit by the delta train — if only he weren’t so foolishly blind to the obvious danger that lies ahead.

“Today, anecdote often wins over fact.”

Fortunately, these corporations control both the anecdotes and the facts. And I’d like to take this moment to inform everyone that today… we lost another young person to COVID-19 — so please, go out and get “vaccinated”. You’ve already killed grandma, you want to be next?

Lastly, there’s like an immunisation table or something that’s too small and low-res to read, but you could probably get the fleas on your low class ass to read it for you.

And, with that in mind…

I don’t know… the last page didn’t make a lot of English to me.

Okay! So, now that we have processed that and are feeling much better, I want you to click the button below and see if you’re still suffering from any hesitancy (give it a few mins to load, it’s about 200MB):

I made it orange to give it that cautionary feel, and I also made the aforementioned fallacious correlation between the covid “vaccine” and victimisation. Aren’t I manipulative?

But let’s get down to brass tacks here. What are the real facts a “vaccine hesitant” person must know?

Well, for one, the “vaccine” — in case you haven’t figured it out by my repeated use of quotation marks on that word — isn’t even a fucking vaccine! A vaccine uses a virus, or part of a virus, to induce an immune response that protects against future infections; the covid “vaccine” does not fit the definition of a vaccine.

Ah, but I guess it doesn’t matter what term you give something if the dictionary changes the meaning of that word for your convenience.

Secondly, we are therefore using a completely novel experimental treatment on humans; we are not simply trialling another run-of-the-mill vaccine, the mechanism of these injections is completely different. The injection essentially delivers the toxic element of the virus — the spike protein — into your cells, which then express spike in their membrane. Your immune system sees this defect and attacks your own cells; whereas in a natural infection, the spike would be part of the virus, and the virus would be attacked. There’s also a lot of suspicion over the adjuvants being used, with regards to magnetism and potential electronic responses within the body. It makes you wonder, did they even try to make these injections safe? Why all this BS?

Thirdly, the horrific side effects and deaths are undeniable, hence why the media and establishment has made such a huge, coordinated effort to combat “hesitancy”. Facebook can’t delete these “vaccine victims” groups fast enough.

Fourth, these injections are still in trial phase and are being used under the most suspicious, communist-style “pandemic” in history. This is not about a virus, and it certainly isn’t about our health!

Fifth, the companies involved (Pfizer, J&J & AstraZeneca) have been sued billions for their past criminal activity, and Moderna has never had a vaccine make it to trial.

Sixth, these vaccine companies also required that governments agree to render them immune from liability for any damages that may result from their injections.

These are some pretty deep rabbit holes that I won’t go into here, but also, what about some of the basics, like…

Do no harm!

Don’t believe everything on TV!

Don’t succumb to peer-pressure!

My body, my choice!

Make an informed decision!

Those who would give up their freedoms for security will have neither!

And last, but not least, who’s the most “vaccine hesitant” group of all, based on education level?


Stay hesitant.