Where is Tiffany Dover? Tennessee nurse who passed out after receiving Pfizer “vaccine”


On the 15th of December 2020, Tiffany Dover (30), a coronary care unit (CCU) nurse with CHI Memorial Hospital of Chattanooga, Tennessee, received the Pfizer covid “vaccine”, which was broadcast live by local news. About 15 minutes later, whilst talking to reporters, she lost consciousness and collapsed.

When she regained consciousness, Tiffany spoke again with reporters and explained that she was feeling fine and that she has a pain sensitivity that triggers her to faint, as frequently as “six times in the past six weeks” — understandable, but an odd qualification for someone who works in health care, and even more so for the would-be poster girl for covid “vaccination”.

Naturally this triggered conspiracy theorists into overdrive who then started a campaign on social media declaring Tiffany dead. However, six days later, on the 21st of December 2020, Tiffany, along with her nursing colleagues, posed for a photo to show the world that she was alive and well.

This should have been the end of it — case closed — however…

Whilst normally very active on social media, posting images and videos of herself, her family and her work life, Tiffany’s accounts have been inactive for several months now.

Tiffany’s last Facebook post was on the 12th of December 2020, which simply states that she “updated” her status with no publicly viewable content; before that, the 27th of August 2020, which again states that she “updated” her status and the content of the post is not available. Prior to that, her posts were more regular up until June 2020 (based on what is publicly viewable).

Tiffany’s last Instagram posts were on the 26th & 27th of February 2021, taken from Vail Village, Colorado — you can see that she is alive and well at this point. The post comment on the 26th says, “Meet me on the other side of paradise.”

Tiffany’s daughter Natalie also made a Facebook post that day on their Colorado trip.

Tiffany’s next most-recent Instagram posts are from the 14th of December 2020 — the day before she received the Pfizer “vaccine” — showing her daughter Natalie. Prior to that she had a post consistency of a few times per week.

This appears to be Tiffany’s Pinterest account showing a pin from five days ago; however, there are no personal photos. “PEYTS ROOM” refers to her son Peyton — she has two children.

Only video on her YT channel is from 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDDn5_x92FA

So, where is Tiffany?

There is a lot of conflicting evidence, but no confirmation from Tiffany herself. I won’t entertain any glitch in the matrix theories or body double suggestions. As far as I’m concerned, she was still okay up until the 27th of February 2021.

CHI Memorial Hospital still has Tiffany listed on their website, which states that she works in the CCU (now COVID ICU since February), and after the incident, the hospital, in a now-removed tweet, said that she was doing well. Apart from this, there has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts, including fact-check articles, since February 2021.

The above screen capture from Debbie Dover’s Facebook timeline shows that despite having obvious concerns for the safety of the covid “vaccines”, she assures us that Tiffany is fine and still working at the hospital.

Whilst it’s understandable that Tiffany may not have wanted a lot of the attention she has received from this event, the fact that people are still asking questions almost eight months on is unsettling. Clearly many people just want to know if she is okay, considering her strange absence from her once active social media life and the heightened awareness of the adverse effects that have come to light since.

Having one of the world’s first covid “vaccine” recipients collapse on camera for the whole world to see moments after receiving the injection would have been a public relations disaster so early on in the rollout. It is not surprising that the establishment would have wanted to sweep this one under the rug.

But if Tiffany really is okay and just wants to be left alone, why doesn’t she put her social media on private like most of her friends, family and associates have? Her long absence does not indicate that she is okay and in her silence her friends and family are left to fend off the hordes of worried well-meaners, in addition to deranged conspiracy theorists who are now desecrating photos of her and her children.

It is also disconcerting to note that Tiffany’s husband’s Facebook profile says that he is “Single”.

We can ponder and pry as much as we want trying to find answers to this mystery, but Tiffany could put this all to rest by posting a short video update to let everyone know how she is doing — it would only take a few minutes.

The fact that she hasn’t done this is very worrying…

UPDATE (November 2021)

The above photo posted by Adam Reyes on October 29th 2021 puts all the stupid conspiracy idiots (read: justifiably concerned citizens) to shame, showing an alive and well Tiffany.

And yet this assurance doesn’t remove that unsettling feeling left by this strange timeline of events, and we still must wonder why proof of her well-being must come from everyone but Tiffany herself…

UPDATE (27th April 2022)

As we can see from the above pictures, Tiffany looks alive and well in family Christmas photos from December 2021. These can be seen on Rebekah’s Facebook page posted on December 18/19th (depending on your timezone).

Tiffany’s Instagram account is hacked with a message and livestream by the hacker provided above. A Telegram link now appears on her profile: https://t.me/+dE3zbngJ41FmOWYx

Dustin’s Facebook account appears to have been hacked and taken over by another clown too.

UPDATE (11th February 2023)


Tiffany Dover casually reappears on social media again looking very alive and well, as if nothing happened. Huh!

UPDATE (11th April 2023) — She is Alive!


After more than two years of silence, Tiffany has finally made an official appearance on NBC News to clear the air. She is alive and well, but says that she felt compelled to avoid media attention as per a request from her employer CHI Memorial Hospital; she has since stopped working for the hospital and feels comfortable speaking about her ordeal and resuming social media.

Tiffany Dover is alive, but she’s never addressed the rumors. She never put out a statement or made a video about what she went through, and she regrets it. She thinks she should have continued to post on social media and act as if everything was normal — because it was.

Tiffany gained tens of thousands of followers on her personal Facebook and Instagram profiles, and the comments never stopped. She knew she needed to do something. So she opened up the notes app on her phone and wrote out drafts of what she might say in a video responding to the rumors.

But she never made that video. She didn’t respond to the thousands of comments on her social media pages, either. Because, she said, her employer told her not to.

Please read the full article by Brandy Zadronzy at NBC News (I’m sure you’ll be convinced that Tiffany is alive, but baffled by how the whole thing was handled by both Tiffany and CHI Memorial):



“It was scary,” Tiffany said. “I don’t know what these people want from me.”

To know that you were okay? That was all…