CDC VAERS: The covid vaccine has killed more people in its short history than all other vaccines combined over decades

CDC VAERS Vaccine Deaths
CDC VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events

The first video compares reported deaths associated with the covid vaccine to deaths associated with all other vaccines; the second video makes the same comparison, but with all adverse events. Remember, this is comparing the short life of the covid vaccine (about 12 months or so) against decades of data for all other vaccines.

I point out the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine in particular, because it is often cited by antivaxxers as a dangerous vaccine. But as you can see, the bump of MMR reports is completely dwarfed by the Eiffel Tower of covid vax reports.

With more than 14,300 deaths to its name, and more than 640,000 adverse events reported, to suggest that the covid vaccine is “safe” is nothing more than a blinding insult. Considering that VAERS reports represent only about 1-10% of true event numbers, the impacts of the covid vaccine are truly staggering.

I’m sorry, but the government is fucking lying to you.

Remember this when you roll up to get your booster shot.

Note: These are US data.

Age distribution of covid vaccine adverse events
All reported vaccine deaths since 1990