Young Hearts (March 2021 to September 2023)


This video documents hundreds of young people who have passed away suddenly over the period of March 2021 to September 2023.


There appears to be no information on the exact nature of the drowning of Colonel John Catoe, but he is one of many seemingly competent individuals who have drowned during water activities, as also seen in the video.

As mentioned in the video, Justin Bieber appears to have developed Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (caused by Shingles), with similar facial paralysis to those who got Bell’s Palsy; further, Hailey Bieber had to go to hospital in March 2022 due to blood clots on her brain.

Mainstream media now claims that ABC producer Dax Tejera (37) died from choking on food whilst intoxicated, not from a heart attack as initially claimed. Further, in the same week, another ABC producer, Erica Gonzales (28), also passed away suddenly.

It seems many colleges around the US have been seeing fairly high student mortality with suicide being a main contributor; however, it is difficult to obtain exact data as many colleges do not keep mortality records of students. Of the 15 or so NC State students that passed away during the 2022-23 school year, suicide was responsible for half those deaths, with health complications for the other half. Surveys of students reveal that isolation due to covid-related lockdowns, stress from difficult subjects, and the hopelessness of the future are the main reasons cited for the depression students suffer whilst attending these colleges.