Australia’s NSW Government plans to impose periodic covid booster shots on residents for years to come


Australian health officials have finally lifted the mask and revealed what we’ve been suspecting for quite some time…

That they’re hideously ugly!

Oh, and that we can expect to receive covid booster shots for years to come.

This comes after Pfizer’s hand-rubbing CEO announced that annual booster shots will be needed (after their third booster rolls out), and that covid would essentially become just like the flu (because the real flu mysteriously vanished a year ago when covid came into season) — reaffirming what he predicted back in April.

Over the last few months, Pfizer and Bourla have argued that an initial booster shot would likely be needed six to 12 months after initial vaccination.

Whilst Pfizer isn’t ruling out the possibility of even 6-monthly booster shots, other countries, like Austria and Croatia, are placing a nine-month expiry date on “vaccinated status” for tourists (although cuck status will remain in-tact for eternity).

But even when “vaccination” rates reach 80 percent in Australia, there will be no “freedom day,” according to the bridge trolls in our government.

We need to get used to being ‘vaccinated’ with COVID ‘vaccines’ for the future

Australia has entered into agreements with several covid “vaccine” makers to secure more than 280 million doses — roughly ten doses per person — costing some $8 billion dollars. Globally, Pfizer is expecting to generate more than $33 billion in revenue for the year. Which begs the question, how is it that these “free” vaccines cost so much money? Because this is about helping people, bigot, not racketeering at all.