NSW Health revises most of Australia’s covid patient deaths as having died “with” not “from” the disease


After more than 18 months of dishonest reporting of covid cases and deaths, NSW Health has finally decided to change the recording of patient deaths from having died “from covid” to having died “with covid,” admitting that covid wasn’t a significant factor in the majority of Australia’s recorded “covid” deaths.

Sometimes, some of our cases who have sadly died appear to have recovered from Covid, and then they have died of something [else].

Dr. Jeremy McAnulty, NSW Health

This comes in light of the long-known fact that 95% of covid patient deaths are those with co-morbidities (80% of hospitalised covid patients are considered obese).

Cases and mortalities have been an important part of the government’s fear mongering that has scared 60% of the population into getting an experimental injection under the guise of “vaccination” against a deadly disease.

Two recent cases of a young boy, 15, and a young man, 27, having reportedly died “from covid,” were used by government officials to emphasise the risk of covid to all ages, and to coerce young people into getting the dangerous “vaccine”; in the latter case, the Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, declared it a “sudden death” from covid.

However, updated information on these two cases has revealed that the 15-year-old boy actually died from pneumococcal meningitis, and a family member of the 27-year-old man revealed it was most likely his heart condition that caused his death.

Another woman, 30, is reported to have died last week, just three days after testing positive; she was very fat.