NSW Premier: It’s your choice to not get vaccinated but you won’t be able to participate in things


Back to ‘covid normal’? Is that a thing?

So, there’s no going back to normal, just back to ‘covid normal’ — whatever that means.

A month or so ago Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that it would not be a legal requirement to get the vaccine, but businesses may reserve the right to refuse unvaccinated staff and patrons. However, recently construction workers, and other permitted workers, were required to be covid vaccinated in order to be permitted to work in, or travel out of, areas of concern (basically the lower-middle class ‘hotspots’).

Today the NSW Premier Gladys Berejikliawhatever said that the choice to remain unvaccinated against covid will be your choice, but that you won’t be able to participate in things. As it will soon become inescapably obvious, ‘things’ will include everything that a person needs to do in order survive, not just the things that make life worth living.

Your choice will be to get injected with their mandated novel experimental mRNA ‘therapy’ or to die in a ditch because you won’t be allowed to work, receive social benefits, healthcare, or enter any store.

In France, such ‘things’ have already been put in place, with people being blocked from entering supermarkets without a covid vaccine pass.

Choice is yours!