Dr Charles Hoffe — A potential mechanism for covid vaccine injury


Doctor Charles Hoffe became aware of injuries related to the covid vaccine when he started noticing them in his own patients.

The Moderna vaccine injects 40 trillion mRNA molecules per dose; only 25% of the vaccine stays in the arm, the rest goes into circulation throughout the body.

The mRNA molecules encode for the covid spike proteins, however, normally these proteins would be part of the viral capsule in a natural infection, but with the vaccine they are produced by your cells and become integrated with the cell membrane. This causes your cells to take on a roughened shape and appear damaged; if your blood cells are infected and take on this form, then your platelets will perceive them as damaged and form blood clots.

“Because of this, and because of the nature of this, clots are inevitable.”

Dr. Charles Hoffe

The tiny capillaries of your circulatory system are vulnerable to clotting with the covid vaccine. Doctor Hoffe found that 62% of his patients had shown blood clotting on a D-dimer test (recommended within 7 days of vaccination).

“This means that the blood clots are not rare!”

“The real concern with this is that a clotted vessel is permanently damaged — that vessel never ever goes back to normal.”

“All of the frequent side-effects of the shot — which are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue — could all be signs of cerebral thrombosis on a capillary level.”

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Doctor Hoffe now has six patients who suffer from reduced effort tolerance, unable to do things they could normally do without exhaustion. He believes these patients have permanent damage to the capillaries in their lungs.

“I had one fella who used to walk two miles to my office every week for a shot for his arthritis, and now he says, after a quarter mile he is done.”

“Because these vessels are now permanently damaged in a person’s lungs, when the heart tries to pump blood through all those damaged vessels there’s increased resistance trying to pump the blood through those lungs, so those people are going to develop something called “pulmonary artery hypertension” — high blood pressure in their lungs — and the concern with that is that those people will probably all develop right-sided heart failure within three years and die, because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs; and lung tissue, and heart tissue, and brain and spinal tissue — and all of that — does not regenerate.”

Dr. Charles Hoffe

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