One hour video of Australian police abusing citizens


Forgive the syntax of the red text — the author of the video is not a native English speaker. He makes comparisons between the current situation developing in Australia and that of the communism that plagued Eastern Europe for almost a century — I think this is a fair comparison.

Although the red text mainly implicates communism here, there seems to be some conflation in the video between Marxist communism and National Socialism — and many critics of the current government’s tactics often use the words “commie” and “nazi” interchangeably — but they are two different political ideologies. Communism is based around a kind of class warfare, whereas National Socialism is based around national pride and duty. There are some images in the video that implicate German soldiers shooting people in trenches and pits, but they are actually Russian soldiers judging by their uniforms.

Regardless, I think if you are not deeply concerned by what is unfolding here in this country, then you must be a very docile, gullible person, and if you have children, they will come to curse your placable “she’ll be right” attitude that has led us into this dystopian nightmare. Our parents failed to secure our future while they cruised through life enjoying their time in the sun, so what are we going to do now to safeguard our own children’s future? The police and authorities in this country have committed disgusting and unforgivable crimes against us.

Note: The footage of the little girl being taken by police in the stairwell is not of Australian police, but from the UK; though I haven’t found a source for it.






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