Reddit Covid Vaccine Victims


There’s tonnes of complaints coming out of the reddit factory, whose mindless drones excitedly skipped off to receive their science juice injections without knowing what they were in for. But don’t worry, they’re not anti-vax and still want you to get the “vaccine” too. Trust the science!

Considering how over-moderated and censored the reddit forums are in general, it is surprising that these adverse events posts are even permitted at all. Of course, they include the typical “factcheck” disclaimer required for our current state of dystopia, desperately trying to keep the screaming cat in the bag.

UPDATE 24/9/21:

I’ve updated this post a few times to add more cases. I don’t go on reddit much, but whenever I do there’s always a lot of fresh victims.

Anyway, I don’t think I will do anymore updates. There’s enough here, and it’s just more of the same stuff; people who’ve obviously been living under a rock the past 12 months acting surprised that their body is fucking out after subjecting themselves to an experimental injection. All they can do is cope and hope that these side effect are “normal” (of course they’re not) and that they will recover (I’m not optimistic).