Dr Roger Hodkinson’s message to the public — Don’t let them scare you!


Believe nothing you are being told; it has all been a pack of lies, from start to finish — pure propaganda! This is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu with slightly increased risk for older people with co-morbidities.

This is a pandemic of fear! — fear that was intentionally driven by two major factors: the notorious PCR test, and the viciously-effective silencing of any counter-narrative. The PCR test creates over 95% false positives in perfectly well people and drives the graphs in the morning paper where these false positives are called “cases” — they are no such thing! — you are being lied to!

The second driver of fear, is the brutal silencing of the truth from the three sources you would normally rely upon to form your own independent judgement: politicians, the media, and physicians — particularly MDs — who by their cowardly silence have decided to put income ahead of ethics — the ethics we physicians are supposed to hold dear: first, ‘Do no harm’ and ‘informed consent’.

Fear, in turn, became the excuse for politicians and unelected bureaucrats to enforce the ludicrous, totally-arbitrary mandates that have no consensus for effectiveness in the medical literature — none! I’m talking here about masks, social distancing, travel bans, and lockdowns — they couldn’t work, haven’t worked, and will not work.

So, my third message is simply this: Read my lips — nothing works! Except for effective prophylactics with vitamin D, and early treatment with Dr McCullough’s protocol.

It’s just politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game. They dress themselves in the flag claiming that only they can protect you from all of life’s risks — it can’t be done! I can tell you with categorical certainty, as a pathologist: death happens, life is risk, get used to it, just like you did with the past flu epidemics and every day when you drive your car.

Governments must get used to the fact that modern medicine is totally impotent at controlling the spread of respiratory viruses. We must simply accomodate to them in ways we have done most effectively in past flu epidemics with liberal doses of the cheapest, most effective medicine there is: common sense!

‘Flip-Flop’ Fauci created COVID-19 when his gain-of-function research escaped from the lab in Wuhan. You shouldn’t be forced to put your life, and your child’s life, on the line by getting vaxxed, just to solve the problem he created! That is government tyranny, and indescribably offensive.

So, for god’s sake, don’t let them scare you into getting vaxxed. Tell them to stop the shot!